One of our most popular cookie cutters is our personalized Keepsake Hand cookie cutter! This is a very special treasure that is made from a tracing of your child's (or anyone's) hand. This unique cutter comes personalized with the name and age stamped on the wrist of the cutter.  


They also come nicely packaged with a personalized label showing your child's name! This is a perfect gift for any Mother or Grandmother or anyone who loves your child! We offer a discount for multiples of the same hand so you can receive a copy for several friends and family. This make a truly unique gift, sure to bring a smile and maybe even a tear or two to the receiver.



How to get a perfect tracing!

In order to receive the best rendition of your child's hand it is important that you follow a few simple rules when doing your tracing:

1.Use a very sharp pencil (not a marker or pen, etc.)

2.Have the person spread their fingers out (like a fan), this ensures a more interesting and pleasing look.

3.Hold the pencil straight up and down (not slanted) and slowly trace around the whole hand. Be sure to capture all of the unique curves!

4. Do NOT trace around your lines when you are finished with a Sharpee Pen or marker---This loses all of the special details that are important to make the cutter unique to that person!

5. Please mail us (you may also email us your handprint, but please include a dimension so we know it prints correctly) your tracing including the FIRST name and AGE of the person who's hand you are having done and the quantity that you desire. Be sure to include your contact information as well in case we have any questions for you.


Tracing an Infant or Toddler's hand

An infant or toddler that has the wiggles can be difficult to trace. We recommend that you follow these steps when doing one so young.

1. Take a scan of the child's hand using a copier or scanner.

2. Be sure to hold their hand the best you can with fingers spread apart. Keep it as steady as possible.

3. Then simply follow step 5 above. We will be sure to reverse the image when we receive it!!